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Second Chance Law

Contracting debts throughout life is normal and, sometimes, it is impossible to meet the expenses. The consequences of this can be quite serious, and usually entails eminently into the loss of financial stability. At the same time, it can lead to a serious crisis for both, self-employed and individuals.

To avoid the above, the affected part can take advantage of the Second Chance Law in Benidorm. However, this requires hard work to demonstrate the existence of circumstances that sustain it. We take care of all this by analyzing the specific situation and presenting the evidence to the authorities.

Thanks to our action, it is possible to refinance the debt or even get rid of it. Despite the outcome, the key is to prevent the capital owed from becoming a lien or loss of credibility. The client will be able to regain solvency in the future by not dragging any large-scale financial commitment.

On the other hand, our work is essential to undertake new projects without having to suffer the consequences of a past debt. When we achieve applience of the law, our clients will be able to get rid of their debt and they can never be claimed, even when they have liquidity again.

Debt restructuring

The debts that are assumed are static, which means that their format and repayment commitment do not usually vary over time. However, the situation of the person who owns it can do so, since it does not always have the proper liquidity. In these cases, it is essential to request a debt restructuring in Benidorm.

Despite the above, do not forget something. At the time of requesting it, two interests conflict: those of the entity that has granted the money and those of the applicant. Therefore, it is essential to have a legal representation that proposes a solution that is attractive and defends the interests of the client.

In our law firm specialized in debt restructuring, we put all the tools at the disposal of the applicant. To do this, we act effectively to ensure that it can be refinanced, that new repayment terms are agreed or even to reduce the interest rate.

Those who trust us have the peace of mind knowing that, if their economic situation changes in the future, they have the possibility of modifying their debts. In this way, we prevent it  from becoming suffocating and unaffordable commitments and have the format of an affordable and comfortable return.


Today, our country is experiencing very high foreclosure figures. Many families are losing their only home as a result of not being able to make the monthly payments. However, not all foreclosures in Benidorm could be resolved in this way, as there are many exceptions that should be taken into account.

The main one is linked to the lack of an adequate legal defense. And it is that the legislation recognizes several aspects related to the possession of a house, such as the right to housing or the right of use that falls on it. It is essential to rely on these arguments in order to stop the process.

As foreclosure attorneys, we unleash all of our work to support families. In each case, we analyze your financial situation and defend your right to remain in the home. If necessary, we act as intermediaries before the bank to find another solution, because many times there is.

Lastly, we also act in negligence cases. There have been cases of abusive contracts that result in an eviction, something that is not legal at all. Therefore, our experts will defend the client’s position and demonstrate the existence of an abuse.

Lawyers in Benidorm for banking abuses

Banking entities tend to impose abusive conditions on occasions. This is a reality that affects all kinds of products, such as savings and investment accounts, mortgages or even the most common services. In this situation, having legal representation means avoiding the consequences of this problem that is so common today.

With the rise of online banking services, many consumers have not yet managed to adapt, especially the elderly. The effect of this is usually the accidental acceptance of an inconsistent clause, something that can only be revoked thanks to the intervention of a specialist bank abuse lawyer.

On the other hand, many of the bad practices carried out by banks are due to information. The client has the right to receive a timely and formal notification about any aspect that affects him. Otherwise, it would be an abuse that we denounce and try to reverse.

The signing of a contract is another of the most problematic aspects. In this way, we take care of reviewing it in depth to rule out any negligent condition and save problems for our clients. Subsequently, we issue a recommendation to sign it and acceptance.

Cards and revolving credits

Revolving cards and credits are among the most popular financing products in our country, but also the most controversial and complex. It is a modality that allows payments to be divided into monthly installments, but with the generation of abusive interest that can exceed 25%.

Until a few years ago, consumers were totally unprotected against this bad practice. However, a ruling by the Supreme Court thought of it as usury and opened the door to a way to claim and denounce. Rely on our specialists, it is possible to get rid of abusive debt forever.

Those who face a revolving credit, can end up paying amounts of up to five figures or more. This is because interest accumulates month after month and, over time, gives rise to installments that even exceed the loan itself. Therefore, it is extremely important to act quickly and decisively.

There is an even more serious situation, and it is that many users do not even know that they have a revolving card. Consequently, they are willing to face payments with a system whose consequences are unknown. Having adequate legal coverage is the key to not falling into traps of this type.


Bankruptcy administration is one of the most complex dimensions of a business. We are specialists in conducting insolvency proceedings in Benidorm. We managed to restructure the conditions with the agents involved in the stability of the business to prevent it from going bankrupt due to lack of liquidity.

Any company can have a bad time, but this should not be synonymous with closure. Many cases can be saved through proper legal representation, especially if the business has been successful in the past. For this reason, we take care of the contest and also the pre-contest to establish conditions that are optimal for our clients.

The bankruptcy law even contemplates an exception for companies that do not own assets. In this situation, it is possible to carry out an express creditor contest to avoid bankruptcy. For this, obviously, it is necessary to have a law firm in Benidorm that manages and directs the process.

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Criminal Lawyers in Benidorm

All people have the right to an adequate legal defense regardless of their circumstances. At our law firm in Benidorm we have a specific service for criminal law. In this way, our clients can have a professional who asserts their interests before any court.

We take charge of crimes against people of a different nature or false documents. We also take the representation in case of negligence committed during the administration of the business. The latter covers actions such as money laundering or non-compliance with tax obligations.

We act in case of crimes against consumers, the market or intellectual property. These three realities have the peculiarity of being quite complex, which makes it necessary to have excellent legal representation. Similarly, we take charge of crimes against the Public Administration.

Our legal defense covers the entire judicial process, and we file an appeal if we are not satisfied with the sentence. Whatever the case, we put all our activity at the service of clients to assert their interests. We will continue to climb the different levels of Justice if necessary.

Commercial Law

Having lawyers specialized in commercial law is key to guaranteeing effective management of the company. During the administration of a business, numerous problematic situations can occur that affect its stability. For its part, conflicts of interests are a very common circumstance that we manage to avoid.

Coexistence with other businesses in the same sector gives rise to competition that can cause friction. In these cases, it is essential to act to defend the company’s interests and maintain its good standing. All this becomes even more important in the current situation of economic crisis.

On the other hand, we cannot forget the relationship with investors and consumers. This can give rise to situations that can harm the company in an economic or reputational sense. Only by acting quickly we can avoid the consequences that, if not done, can be irreversible.

Our law firm in Benidorm can be the key to business expansion. In this way, we position ourselves as allies in the event of mergers or acquisitions of other companies. All this contributes to increasing the position in the sector, but to be successful it must be carried out rigorously and with the help of professionals.

Law firm in Benidorm for Accidents

Accidents are unfortunately a common reality. They may have a different nature, but they all share the same aspect: they put the stability of the victim at risk. It can affect various points: economic, work, family or reputation. Therefore, it is essential to have advantage of continuous legal defense.

Having a specialist accident lawyer in Benidorm is synonymous with tranquility. If the accident has occurred on the road, it is possible to request a fairly high compensation from the insurance company or from the person who caused it. It is about claiming damages, as well as additional compensation for what has happened.

If it is an accident at work, it is essential to prove it to collect a decent salary during the sick leave. This is a right that corresponds to the employee and that is not always respected. The most problematic situations in this sense are related to diseases that appear in the long term due to inadequate working conditions.

Claiming compensation for an accident in Benidorm can become a long process of medical and expert visits. We managed to expedite it by filing a complaint if circumstances that led to the event are observed. In this way, it is easier to obtain a fairly high capital.

Divorce Lawyers

Divorces are quite frequent in our country, but they are not always approached from the correct perspective. In our firm we are committed to prior agreement as the optimal solution to respect the interests of both parties. This mechanism makes it possible to speed up the procedures significantly, avoiding a considerable economic outlay and, finally, not going to court.

However, there are cases where the above route does not work. A divorce lawyer in Benidorm can be the key to avoiding the loss of custody or the right to reside in the common home. In addition, it is vital to demonstrate any problematic situations that have taken place during the marriage.

In short, as divorce lawyers in Benidorm, we carry out a comprehensive legal defense. Our clients can enjoy a representation adapted to the current scenario that puts their interests above everything else. For additional information, we invite you to visit our website.

Inheritance lawyers in Benidorm

Finally, we also take care of processing inheritances. To do this, we make declarations of intestate heirs if the deceased had not drawn up a will. We assume the representation in the notary and collaborate in the partition procedure to defend the position of our clients.

Inheritance can be problematic, especially if the death was unexpected. For this reason, our lawyers are the best support for the process to be as smooth and calm as possible. However, we also go to court if the other heirs do not respect the interests of our client.

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